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The Sir Samuel Mico Scholarships – A Brief History:

wpc9b8f64f_05The Sir Samuel Mico Trust was first approached in early 2010 by Marcel Ciantar, Business Director for Budmouth College. Marcel’s vision was to enlist the support of the Sir Samuel Mico Charity in the introduction of a student centric summer Scholarship scheme for 6thform students. Marcel believed that by offering a unique and competitive opportunity for students to secure a placement alongside key leaders within their chosen careers, he would be creating the sort of first- hand aspirational experience that would unlock the potential to succeed from within the student, far beyond that which a normal work placement would provide.

From the outset, Marcel wanted the student to receive an amount of money weekly, as a way of incentivising, and to assist the student with travel and other requirements. Hence the Sir Samuel Mico Scholarships were created as a vehicle that could provide award funding. The charity agreed to fund a pilot scheme in 2010 for 5 students. The pilot ran during the summer of 2010, with 5 students completing their scholarship placements very successfully, demonstrating that the idea had real merit. Trustee Richard Shoulders lead the scheme on the trustees behalf and worked closely with Marcel Ciantar at Budmouth College in making it a reality. In 2011 the scheme was extended to 10 Scholarships.

The Ambition of the Sir Samuel Mico Scholarships:

wp542a2113_05Success for the Scholarships means providing a highly desirable opportunity that is open to all 6th form students of the College to apply. Where, following successful application and interview, the student can expect an experience worthy of entry in their newly forming résumé; that is tailored to personal ambitions; that offers the best possible opportunity to progress post Scholarship, and, most importantly, that is comparable to the very best that otherwise only privileged networking and relations can offer. Our ambition goes beyond the placement itself, and we are really keen to see the scheme generate maturity, with the formation of student alumni, and a level of post Scholarship engagement from the host businesses that will provide career lifetime benefits to all who participate in the scheme.

The way that the scholarships work is to provide an application and interview for interested students, followed by a panel selection process and final Scholarship award. Only when this process is complete can the placement work begin. The students that are successful have aspirations in a very wide range of careers,  but in many cases extremely difficult industries to approach!  The College manage this placement activity using their own resources and contacts, aided by the trustees wherever needed. The final part of the Scholarship process is a review evening where scholarship students present to Trustees, host businesses, the College and their parents what they have gained from the placement.

The Scholarships owe their success to Marcel and Lynn and the drive of Trustee Richard Shoulders who sank considerable commitment and energy into the scheme to ensure it got off the ground and that the placements provided the right level of opportunity for the students.

The Sir Samuel Mico Scholarships Today:

wpd9298c7c_05The Sir Samuel Mico Trust and Budmouth College have developed the scheme to offer approximately 10 Scholarships each year and a number of advanced scholarships for a smaller number o f scholarship students who have proved worthy of a further scholarship.

Sadly trustee Richard Shoulders died in November 2012, aged 44 and was not able to partake in much of the work in 2012 due to his declining health.

Richard’s vision:

“I am looking at every opportunity to introduce recognition, maturity and value to the scholarships during their early years, such that it can become a scholarship of note, that can open doors for young people and truly connect them with the world of employment in a really positive way.  It is very refreshing to be involved with such a progressive team at Budmouth College. The interview and award process was a very inspirational experience, and I am so looking forward to seeing the ideals of the Scholarships brought to life by the enthusiasm and commitment I have already seen from this year’s successful candidates “

The scholarship awards

  • Weymouth charity supporting the development of young people of Weymouth & Portland
  • Applications open to year 12 (ages 16 to 17) and year 13 (ages 17 to 18) students
  • Interactive programme of experiences tailored to suit the individual student
  • Scholarship awarded on student merit and application

What’s in it for the pupil?

  • Exclusive opportunity to work with professionals in a chosen career destination
  • Practical experience of application, interview and presentation activity.
  • Scholarship certificate of achievement in a chosen vocation
  • Résumé experience and unique character reference
  • Opportunity to network at a professional level

What’s in it for industry?

  • Building links with the local community through commitment to developing young people
  • Fresh ‘young’ thinking and a wealth of new ideas to contribute to the host business
  • Right to use ‘Sir Samuel Mico Scholarships’ Crest on host media for 2 years
  • Exclusive opportunity to ‘talent spot’ potential future employees