Meet our 2014 Scholarship Beneficiaries and their work placement hosts

Abi Brewster

Weatherbury Vets

Abigail, has always wanted to pursue a career in veterinary since she was
seven. Now, she wants to learn more about careers in veterinary to help her
decide what courses she shall apply to for university. She is studying all of the
sciences and mathematics at AS level currently. She is keen on working with
small household animals, such as cats, dogs, and hamsters etc., and reptiles

Alice Green

Sea Life Centre

Alice Green is looking for a scholarship in a laboratory environment or in an opticians, either doing laboratory testing, testing eyes or making glasses.

Alice Driver (Chamber)

Autism Wessex

Alice is interested in doing events management especially related to charitable
causes, which she would like to go into a related career . She hopes to gain a
lot of experience in how this type of industry operates so she can take it
forward into her profession.

Ana Martins

Love Love Film

Ana wishes to pursue a career in screenwriting and film, where she can
actively exercise her creativity and practical skills. She hopes to further her
education to university, in order to widen her horizons. She intends to make
the most of this opportunity and build strong foundations for the future.

Charley Vincent (completing in 2014)

)Quay Theatre Arts

Charley has always had a passion for musical theatre ever since seeing his first
ever musical: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the London Palladium. He has been
dancing, singing & acting from the age of 6 and wants to continue and train at
the highest level at top London colleges to one day succeed in The Business

Charlie Thomas

1610 Dorchester

Charlie has cerebral palsy. However he is passionate about sport and is
studying a BTEC sport 3 A-level diploma and aims to go to university to
broaden his education and knowledge of opportunities in sport. Charlie's
lifelong core principle has always been to have a go at everything, no matter
how difficult the task may seem. He is an outgoing and very determined
individual who wishes to help both able and disabled people in sport. Charlie
is excited about his scholarship as it will allow him to see other aspects of the
sports industry.

Charlotte Cranny-Evans

Bournemouth University

Charlotte is studying English Language, Drama and Biology at Budmouth
College, with a keen interest in Public Relations. She intends to take a gap year
starting September 2014 and hopes to go to Bournemouth University in 2015.
Charlotte is an eager candidate and is looking forward to applying the skills
she has learnt through the CEIL in a real working environment. Charlotte has
just recently taken up the opportunity to write for the local newspaper to
improve her writing ability as well as taking up opportunities to network with
visitors to the CEIL and has given a speech at a very important conference in
London involving members of parliament. Charlotte is really looking forward
to working in a real PR environment and can’t to take advantage of this
amazing opportunity.

Chris Fall

Advanced Scholarship

Chris has always been interested in design and engineering, he is studying
subjects that all point to a career in engineering. He has a genuine interest in
a wide range of engineering sectors and hopes that either a higher
apprenticeship at a large company or a degree course will propel him into the
engineering sphere and build further on the skills he has already developed
through the CEIL and from completing his scholarship. The experiences he has
gained will prove invaluable.

Danni Hill (defferred from 2013)

Dorset Police

Danni is fascinated by biology and enjoys solving problems, so forensics is
perfect for her! She is interested in finding and extracting intricate evidence
from crime scenes such as fingerprint lifts, blood swabs and glass
fragmentation but is especially intrigued by the delicate work and recovery
methods done in post-mortems. She will be furthering her passion and taking
a Forensic Science degree at Bournemouth University.

Emily Craig

Williams of Wool and Kignston Country Courtyard
Advanced Scholarship

Emily has always had an interest in working with food establishments, and
sees a future in it for herself. She is hoping to continue her interests next year
going to Harper Adams to study Agri-Food Marketing and Business Studies,
then to hopefully pursue a career being part of either a new or already well established company in the food and agriculture industry.

Greg Morris

Ultra Electronics

Gregory has a strong interest in a wide range of engineering disciplines, and
he wants to pursue a career in mechanical and/or electrical engineering after
studying at university. He hopes to gain invaluable practical experience in
engineering to assist him with his career.

Harriet Gilbraith

Bournemouth University

Harriet is seventeen and one day hopes to become an author and a poet. This
is because Harriet loves the power of the written word and the positive effect
is has on peoples' lives. Harriet hopes her Scholarship placement will give her
the opportunity to develop her writing skills and allow her to meet interesting
people she would not have the chance to have met otherwise. She is very
excited to begin her work placement.

Karam Hayre

BMI Winterbourne Hospital

Karam wishes to study medicine at university as he has a desire to improve
the wellbeing of individuals. He is fascinated by the science behind how the
body works, what happens when it goes wrong and methods employed to
restore good health.

Molly Cheeseman

Deferred to 2015

Molly has been interested in both art and fashion since a young age and is
currently studying both subjects in 6th Form along with English literature.
Despite being a difficult industry to break into, she hopes to study fashion
design and management at degree level before getting a job as a fashion
buyer or designer. As well as fashion, Molly has many other hobbies and
interests, including running, the environment and socialising. Molly is an
outgoing, creative and busy person who enjoys working hard.

Rowan Hedley

Deferred to 2015
Advanced Scholarship

Rowan is fascinated with the legal side of societal behaviour and intends to
take this interest to a higher level. She would like to pursue a career around
international law and human rights.

Scott Sanders

Souhill Primary School

Scott would like to be a Primary School Teacher with the view to being Science
coordinator in a school. He will be reading Primary Education at university,
and this placement will enable him to work as a member of staff in a primary
setting to gain experience of how each subject is taught throughout the Key
Stage 2 curriculum.

Shara Cornick

Bournemouth University

Shara aspires to be an Events Manager and is very much looking forward to
furthering her knowledge in the summer through a scholarship. She is very
excited about having the opportunity to meet people to get advice and also
gain valuable experience. Shara wishes to extend her education after her A
Levels by going to university to study Events Management.

Tom Andersson


Tom is excited by space exploration and its applications in life. He hopes to be
an aerospace engineer in the future, where he may work on the development
of satellites or rockets for example.