Sir Samuel Mico’s Grants

  • Must normally be aged between 16 and 24 years of age
  • Must be resident in the borough of Weymouth & Portland and have been born in the borough, or have resided there for at least ten years
  • Must be in a position to need financial support

Mico Grant Applications

To apply for a Sir Samuel Mico Trust grant please download the form below, save it to your computer, before opening it to complete it. Attach the completed form to an email and send If you are unable to e- mail the form please print it and send it to the address on our contacts page.

Applications to The Sir Samuel Mico Charities are considered on 4 occasions a year. Please find below the closing dates for each application phase. The outcome of applications is usually within 4 weeks of the closing date.

31 May

31 August

30 November

28 February


Please send any supporting information with your form that you think will help us consider your application e.g. photos, letters of support , reports, certificates etc.

Applications of a poor standard or effort, are unlikely to be successful, or may see the amount of any grant reflected in that poor effort. Conversely a good application may be well received, and a larger grant awarded. You need to make it clear what exactly you are asking for financial help with.

Applications should be submitted under a covering letter or e- mail. We do not like to get applications where introduced by “here is my application”, we expect a professional and polite approach.

Please ensure the form is fully completed and all questions are answered.