All residents of Edwards Homes occupy the properties at the will of the trustees,  the properties are operated as almshouses.  The residents are not tenants of the trust . Residents do not rent the properties, they pay a maintenance contribution and are required to comply with the trusts regulations to continue to be eligible to be residents.

A Maintenance Contribution is payable in advance each four weeks towards the upkeep of the dwelling, and this figure may be increased upon one month’s notice.  The Rent Service has agreed to provide informal guidance concerning the maximum level of Maintenance Contribution which will qualify for the payment of Housing Benefit.  It is a condition of occupancy that the full amount of Maintenance Contribution is paid whether or not the services or support elements are used by the residents.

You are responsible for council tax, water and electricity charges and any other rates, taxes or charges payable on the property.

The following regulations for the Residents are to ensure the smooth running of the almshouses:

1. The Trustees undertake to carry out all repairs to the fabric of the building and external decoration.  Residents are responsible for maintaining the internal decoration and floor coverings of the dwelling and keeping it in a clean state and good order. Residents are not allowed to make any structural alteration to the dwellings, nor to alter the plumbing or electrical installation without prior consent of the Trustees.

2. The Residents must permit reasonable access for inspection of their almshouses and for repairs and decoration to be carried out.

3. The use of paraffin oil and portable gas heaters is strictly prohibited.  You are to consult the Trustees before you use additional heaters.

4. Residents must not vacate their dwellings for more than a total of twenty eight days in any one year without the prior consent of the Trustees and should inform the Trustees if they will be away for more than a week at a time.

5. The name and address of the next of kin must be supplied to the Trustees, together with information as to whether a will has been made, and if so, where it is deposited.

6. Residents are asked to occupy the property quietly and with thought for other residents and/or neighbours.

7. Neither the Resident(s) nor any relation or guest of his/hers/theirs will be a tenant of the charity, or have any legal interest in his /hers/their almshouse.

8. The Trustees may take such steps as they think proper in the administration of the trust and for the Residents’ welfare, and any alteration of the rules will be notified in writing to each Resident.

9. Residents may expect to continue in occupation for as long as they need the accommodation and can look after themselves.  If health deteriorates they must be willing to accept advice and guidance from time to time, either from their own doctor, or a medical consultant appointed by the Trustees.  The Trustees will also consult with next of kin, Social Services etc to make the most suitable arrangements.

10. Pets should not be kept without the written consent of the Trustees.

11. Visitors are not permitted to stay in an almshouse for more than a period of 21 days, except with the consent of the Trustees.   The Trustees reserve the right to ask a Resident or Residents to vacate the dwelling and move, either temporarily or permanently, to another almshouse belonging to the same charity.

12. The Resident’s attention is drawn to the Complaints Procedure. The Trustees retain the power to set aside a Resident’s appointment for good cause, eg in the case of serious misconduct, or if there is a breach of the regulations, or if he or she is no longer a qualified beneficiary, or is a risk to other residents, as outlined in the Charity Commission Scheme. Failure to make timely payment of Maintenance Contributions (WMC) will be regarded as a breach of the charity’s regulations.

13. Should a Resident wish to leave his/her dwelling to live elsewhere, not less than one calendar month’s notice in writing must be given to the Trustees.  Maintenance Contributions remain payable until the date when the building is vacated.

14. Should the trustees resolve to Set Aside An Appointment, as described in clause 12, not less than one calendar month’s notice in writing to set aside the appointment will be given by the Trustees to the Resident(s).

15. If a Resident is below retirement age, the appointment will be reviewed regularly (at an interval of 2 years).

16. Should the Resident(s) economic circumstances substantially improve, he/she/they may be required to move to other accommodation.

17. Neither the almshouse nor its garden may be used as a place of business, either from where to conduct business, or to store items connected with running a business.

18. It is a condition of occupancy that a new Resident must sign a copy of this Letter of Appointment signifying their willingness to abide by the above rules, before taking up occupation.