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Please note we cannot make an award to anybody not resident in the Borough of Weymouth & Portland (DT3, DT4 & DT5 postcode areas)

Please complete the form fully, fields marked * must be completed to be able to submit your form.

If applying in connection to an academic course (university or college) please do not apply more than 10 weeks before you will take up the place. You may also be required to provide evidence of your offer and plans to take up your place on the course.

You can submit supporting information, letters of support, certificates, photos etc by emailing them to quoting your full name and your unique reference number (see below)

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  • You will then be emailed a confirmation of your application with your unique application reference, please use this when contacting us about your application
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  • (Please state if living in student/temporary accommodation)
  • Who is your employer? (Please provide their name and address)

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    How much per month are you paid?
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    Name of educational establishment

    Course/courses studying (or about to study)

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  • Please provide schools, dates and subjects
  • What subjects, grades and when?
  • 15. What is your weekly income, including any parental support? (For students we require term time income here please)

  • 16. What are your weekly outgoings?

  • 17. What, if any, savings/assets do you have?

    Here you should provide full details of any savings, property or assets owned ie car, shares etc. NB. Failure to answer this question will invalidate your application
  • 19. If successful, payment will be made directly into your bank account. Please provide details:

  • 17. Declaration

    If you are applying for a grant from us, by submitting this application, you agree that we may hold and use your personal data in line with the Weymouth Town Charities Data Protection Policy click here for full details. Weymouth Town Charities is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) Registration No: 2A 164013.

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